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Collection: Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel from Guérande

Fleur de sel, which is used to garnish and flavour food, has been collected since ancient times. It forms as a thin layer of fine white crystals on the surface of salt marshes, and is exclusively collected by hand. It dissolves very quickly and goes into the food quicker than regular salt, so it is recommended to add it at the end of cooking, or to the food on your plate.

Most of our fleur de sel comes from Guérande in Brittany and has the status of protected geographical indication (IGP in French) since 2012. It has a slight sweet finish, making it a favourite for Chocolatiers and Pâtissiers to uplift the taste of their creations. It is coarse and wet and retains a crisp texture better than other salts.

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