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About us

14 juillet 2020, fête nationale Française (Bastille Day), North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland.

A new local food delivery service was born, with free delivery for the lovely people of East Lothian, but not a general grocery store like there are so many in the UK, a French Deli!

Its particularity?

Only selling premium products from France that have been tried, tested and approved by all members of the family (we are a Franco-British family), and that you cannot find in supermarkets: from Périgord truffles to award winning duck or goose foie gras, to French classics such as coq au vin or cassoulet, not forgetting sweet treats like premium grand cru chocolate or organic biscuits.





We select what we like best, for us, for you, for everyone!

How did this happen?

As a family, we lived in France and in China, but the UK has now been our home for many years. The food culture is hugely different in these countries and there are some specialities that are great in each one.

As you know, the best food France has to offer is difficult to find in the UK, and it was even worse during the Covid-19 pandemic when like most of you, we were stuck at home without the possibility to travel to shop. Before the lockdown, friends visiting us liked the food we prepared for them and it became clear that French delicacies had to come to East Lothian and North Berwick, for them to be available locally (with free delivery) and to be distributed to everyone’s home in the UK (by courier), so that you can have Fab French Food readily available at home. This is how Deli Français was born! 

Today, more and more people take care about what they eat and about the environment.
For your wellbeing, many of our products are additive and preservative free, organic, gluten free, vegan, or only contain 100% natural ingredients.
In order to fight against the destruction of primary forests and the loss of biodiversity, none of the products at Deli Français contain any palm oil. Plastic packaging is also kept to a minimum.

Already 100+ products online

We have decided to share our love for French food with you, and send our favourite specialities from France all over the UK, delivered Direct to your Doorstep! This way you can eat “à la Française” whenever you want to in your home, rather than going to the restaurant, or cooking for hours. Most of the products are ready to be eaten (some need warming up), so that you can spend time doing something else than cooking.

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do.

Bon appétit!!!


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Fab French Food Direct to your Doorstep


We are based in North Berwick, East Lothian, United kingdom