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Why this online store?

At Deli Français, you will find delicious French products prepared with the finest ingredients from the best terroirs, for you to enjoy at home in minutes!

I am French and I love cooking good meals for my family and friends. There are several good reasons why I import these top-quality ready meals, spreads, ingredients, chocolates and biscuits from France.

  1. Ingredients and Taste
    It is not always possible to find the best ingredients in the UK. The climate and the terroir plays an important role in the taste of the final product.
    E.g.: Best Truffles in jars and tins, Bouillabaisse, Grand Cru Chocolate, Products from Provence…
  2. Equipment
    I do not have all the right equipment to prepare everything I like to eat. Professional apparatus and tools are sometimes needed.
    E.g.: Pork Rillettes (Rillettes du Mans), Duck Confit, Chocolate Bars…
  3. Savoir-Faire
    Whatever I do to improve my recipe, it is never as good as the product I buy from France. Artisans and chefs know best how to prepare their specialities.
    E.g.: Basquaise Chicken, Pâtés, Terrines, Artisan Handmade Chocolates…
  4. Time
    It is quicker to buy ready prepared food and sometimes I cannot spend several hours in the kitchen. When you had a busy day, there is no time left to cook.
    E.g.: Ready meals such as Coq au vin, Cassoulet or desserts like Rhum babas…
  5. Ease
    It is so easy to enjoy an excellent meal in minutes when you have the right tins and jars in your cupboard at home, including starters, main meals and desserts!
    So why not try and relax?

The products that you will find on this website are all about the above: super tasty thanks to the knowledge of the chefs and artisans who use the best ingredients, easy and quick as they are already cooked or ready to eat (some need to be used in cooking, such as truffles, some need warming up).

As we say in the UK, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, so TRY OUR PRODUCTS TODAY and you will know what I mean!