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French Baguettes & Viennoiseries

(North Berwick and Gullane area only - Available on market days)


Classic Baguette (350g) £1.80
Flute (bigger classic baguette - 500g) £2.40
Sourdough Baguette (300g) £2.00
Multi-seed Sourdough Baguette (300g) £2.50
Croissant £1.60
Pain au Chocolat £1.90
Pain aux Raisins £2.00
Pepito (Chocolate, Crème Patissiere) £2.00

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Best Before Date

All the products have been made fresh overnight.

Baguettes and viennoiseries should be kept in bags and consumed within 3 days.

You can reheat them a bit at 150 ⁰C in the oven to refresh them

Baguettes can be frozen.

We cannot ensure that the viennoiseries would keep well in the freezer, as the puff pastry is quite fragile and can become flaky.


 * All products contain or may contain gluten.

* All products contain or may contain nuts.


Classic Baguette: Gluten (wheat), yeast.

Flute: Gluten (wheat), yeast.

Sourdough Baguette: Gluten (wheat), yeast.

Multi-seed Sourdough Baguette: Gluten (wheat, rye, oat, barley), sesame seeds, brown and yellow linseeds, sunflower seeds, yeast.


Croissant: Gluten (wheat), milk, yeast, (brushed with egg).

Pain au chocolat: Gluten (wheat), milk, yeast, (brushed with egg).

Pain aux raisins: Gluten (wheat), milk, yeast, eggs and raisin.

Pepito: Gluten (wheat), milk, yeast, eggs.